All About Weight Loss

You must have heard about so many diets and foods which claim to work like magic for weight loss. Some people can convince you about the benefits of these magical diets. But it’s your responsibility to make the best choice for your body.

Today I won’t be talking about any of these fad diets. Instead, I will focus on what should you do to get the best possible weight loss.

Understanding body weight

Now, firstly you should understand what constitutes your body weight. Don’t worry! It won’t make you feel like a science lecture. Haan so, body weight is made up of water weight, bone mass, tissue mass, muscle mass and, fat mass. So to, attain a healthy weight loss, you should focus on losing your fat mass.

But, when you go for quick fixes like having only meal replacement shakes, soups and salads for a long duration, you might lose your body water or muscle mass. Now some of you might argue that I don’t care if it’s water weight or whatever. All I want is weight reduction.

Then, my friend, I might have some new insights for you. You might end up regaining all the weight you lost, once you get back to your regular eating routine. And trust me, we cannot live only on soups and salads. We need our dal/sambhar, rice, and roti.

Beware of

There are a few signs to look out for when starting with your weight loss journey.

a. Stay away from those diets which force you to skip a food group altogether. Like, no carbs, no dairy, no gluten unless you have a medical condition.

b. Do not go for quick-fix promises like lose 20-30kgs in a month or so. It took years to gain that weight, please have some patience, while losing it.

c. There is no one food or drink which you can have daily and get weight loss. Yes, all your believes like green tea, lemon-honey water for weight loss are nothing but myths.

d. There is nothing like losing weight from one body part, like thigh fat or belly fat reduction.

Best Diet to lose weight

The best diet is one in which you eat a balanced diet. Now, what’s that? A balanced diet is one which includes all the five food groups. These are dairy, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fats.

To lose weight, you should increase the protein in your diet. To do that have enough dal, use protein-rich flours to make your roti. Have nuts and dairy in your daily diet. Also, make sure that your diet isn’t too high in carbohydrates. Try to include more complex carbs and less simple ones. Eat fruits and salads daily.

What should you do?

The best approach to lose weight is aiming for holistic health. Holistic health means taking care of all the aspects of health, namely physical, mental, emotional and social.
So to achieve, the weight loss you should have a regular exercise regime, good sleep habits. A sound emotional state and minimum stress levels will help you more.

Does this appear to be a lot?
Nah it isn’t. Start where you are, change one thing at a time, and take small steps towards healthier habits. For any further guidance, you can reach out to us.