Signing up for Fitnera


1. How can I sign up for Fitnera?
Ans. Signing up is easy with us. You can attend one of our educational sessions, contact us directly and sign up.
2. Can I use Fitnera anywhere?
Ans. Absolutely! You can access this service using your mobile device, tablet or computer. All you need is a working internet connection and you will be able to use Fitnera from anywhere!
3. How often do you offer sessions?
Ans. Our healthcare team is flexible with sessions. You can schedule sessions as per the availability. You can schedule individual or group session if they are available.
4. Are these sessions group sessions or individual sessions?
Ans. You will initially have individual sessions. However, from time to time, our team will also offer informative group sessions.
5. How much will it cost my family or me?
Ans. We offer a range of affordable plans for you. Please contact us for our pricing

How Fitnera works


6. How does this service work?
Ans. We aim to provide service to make you lose excess weight and live a healthy life. You can schedule a session with our doctors, dietitians and a team. We will provide you with different tools to achieve your goals.
7. How will a doctor, dieticians and trainers offer me advice?
Ans. At the scheduled time of the session, you can either have a phone call or video call and will help you to answer your questions.
8. How can I schedule my sessions?
Ans. Scheduling sessions are easy. You can schedule via email, phone call or with our online schedule.
9. I’ve scheduled a session, but I won’t be able to make. Can I cancel the session?
Ans. No worries, we completely understand. However, we request you to let us know about cancellations in advance if possible. This will save unnecessary trouble for our team.
10. Will my fitnera team inspire me to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Ans. Definitely! Our team is expert in helping people lead healthy lives. Trust that your coach will inspire you in every possible way.

Fitnera Referral Program


11. Do I get any benefits on referring friends and family members?
Ans. Yes! Fitnera offers great referral benefits. When you refer someone, and they sign up with us, both of you will receive one month of free service from us.
12. How many referrals can I make?
Ans. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. So, go ahead and make as many referrals as you can!

Account Related Questions


13. How do I cancel my service?
Ans. If you want to cancel your service, please send us an email at fitnera25@gmail.com. Our team will cancel your account for you.
14. How do I add my family members/friends to my service?
Ans. You can contact us and will add your family member.
15. Do you offer any introductory or complimentary sessions?
Ans. Yes. If you want to know more about the highlights of our program, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will arrange an introductory session for you – completely free of cost!