Thinking about Where to Start with your Weight Loss?

Make it Simple Start with Small Goals Turn into Lifelong Habits.

Are you confused, where to start when you decide about weight loss? You think I need to lose 40 lbs or 40 kg.  I just don’t know what to do and where to start.  You could say that I have tried many things in the past such as crash diets, protein powder, local GYMs or Weight Loss centres but nothing worked. So what to do now?  I would suggest a simple plan. I would say it wouldn’t be a quick one but it will work for everyone, yes 100% for everyone. So now once you have decided on your big goal, you need to break it down into small goals and stick with it.

Goals to habits.  Turn your small goals into habits.

“Stick to your goals. It is so important that it will take you to the finish line if you stick to it for long enough.”

Goal: Physical Activity

Let’s start with an example. Let us say you would like to lose about 30 lbs weight and currently you are not walking at all.  Now, I am sure you know that any type of physical activity and healthy food is very very important in addition to medical management, sleep, stress and other factors.  Let’s say you decided to start walking 15 minutes every day as a small goal. You have done it for the next 2 weeks, now what to do in week 3? Think about it? would you stop doing what you have been doing or continue to walk probably 20-30 minutes a day? I would say if you slowly increase your walking and other physical activity it will take you to your goal weight.

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Goal: Reducing Sugar

Let’s take another example. Let’s suppose you have been enjoying your morning coffee with 4 sachets of sugar. Now you have decided to lose weight and set a goal to reduce the number of sachets by 50%, which means 2 sachets in the morning coffee. Let’s assume, you have been doing great with 2 sugar sachets in the first month. So what would you do in the second month?  Here are mainly three choices, you can build on your first month’s success and cut down even further the number of sugar sachets to 1 or 1.5 or you can continue to take 2 sachets or you go back to your old way of having 4 sachets. It’s pretty obvious that if you need to continue to lose weight and make progress, you need to make progress in your goal as well. Here, you should be converting your goal into a habit of taking less and less sugar in the coffee and eventually sugar in general.

“It takes about 4 to 8 weeks to make a habit, so if you stick to your goal long enough, you would be able to make a habit.”

You can make your weight loss journey a very simple, easy and fun process if you follow this simple rule. Trust me, this is the only way to get your dream weight. During your weight loss journey, you need to make many small goals for food, exercise, sleep, stress management, your lifestyle, and many more. Important point is that you need to convert into habits to get long term results. Let’s do it. I am sure you can do it one small goal a day. Good luck.

About the author: Dr Satya Patel (M.D.)

Dear Reader, I am Dr Satya Patel, Internal Medicine Physician. I enjoy helping patients to live healthy life by achieving their healthy weight. I have worked at different hospitals in India & the USA for the last 12 years and seen many health problems caused by obesity. These can be prevented. To help people, I got special training in Obesity Medicine and certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine(ABOM).