Weight Loss Service

Weight Loss Service

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Weight Loss Service

Fitnera Weight Management:

Fitnera’s weight loss clinic aims to help you undergo weight loss. We help you in food choices, physical activities, and also prescribe medicine if you need it.


Our Approach:

We keep you in the centre of everything we do. When you decide to take the first step to get healthier, we celebrate together. We would like to understand you and your lifestyle to find easy and quick fixes for you to lose weight.  We take your medical history, food habits, physical activity level, and body assessment. We aim to become your preferred weight loss clinic whether you want to weight loss for diabetes or burn belly fat.



We understand food is very personal for you and we would like to keep it that way. Together we will find food options based on your taste and preferences. We believe that food needs to be tasty and enjoyable every day. Together, we can create many many tasty food options which are also very healthy for you. You need to enjoy the journey as well. This will help you either you are doing weight loss for High Blood Sugar (Diabetes Mellitus), or want to burn belly fat.


Physical Activities:

We will understand you and your lifestyle. Every day we need to have many options for physical activities. Same activities every time are not inspiring. We need to enjoy when we move. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. We can have personalized activities for you which you enjoy doing alone or with friends or family.


Our convenient and hassle-free weight loss service is designed to suit your needs. You can consult us over the phone, or video call.


Set realistic and achievable fitness goals with the help of our team. Our team will inspire and help you set relevant, measurable and specific goals. You can achieve these goals in short time frames.

Track Your Progress

Let’s work together and keep track of your progress. Our team will inspire you to achieve your goals.  The only thing left is to celebrate your success.